When my father, then in his seventies, became dement I knew nothing –

  • About dementia
  • How it would affect my father’s, my sister’s, and my own life
  • The stress and feel of being inadequate due to not having information or updated status on my father’s well-being, needs, or whether an acute situation had occurred
  • The balance/imbalance of my father’s day-to-day physical and mental development.

At that time there were no easy-to-use tools or solutions for us, relatives, to monitor our father’s situation. Living 1-4 hours away from him took a toll on all of us.

The people working with home care and nursing care did, and are doing, heroic services and contributions, but it is not enough.

We are blessed to live in times that give us, in general, the opportunity to live beyond 80 years. With age we also experience certain impairments, potential chronic disorders, and other situations that increase our need of care and assistance based on the individual’s conditions, needs and wants. For this, there is limited preparedness and a gigantic need for services to address present and future demand.

As relatives will have to carry an increasing burden for the care-taking of elders, any proper working solution also need to cater for the need of continuous delivery of information and data with respect to our older next of kin. Being able to deliver quality information, status and notification/alarm will bring Peace of Mind as well as improved service to all. This is the core of Moxiam’s mission and offering – We offer real-time connected services that give elders, caregivers, and relatives increased quality of life and peace of mind.